Past Workshop Materials

Below are materials and overviews from previous workshops hosted by Ag in the Classroom. Feel free to download any material below.


The workshops in 2015 included materials on Energy & Agriculture, Careers in Agriculture and Nutrients for Life.

"Energy and Agriculture" included parts of two science based lesson units, covering grades 6 through 12. Each unit provides five comprehensive standards-based lesson plans and supporting resources. The high school unit is a special project of the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom. The unit is designed to foster an appreciation for agriculture, reinforce STEM skills and abilities and create an awareness of Ag related careers. The middle school unit was created by the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture. Both of these units may be downloaded at

The "Careers in Agriculture" portion of the workshop focused on the lesson, "Careers in a Cookie", that was developed by Florida Ag in the Classroom. The lesson reinforces, for students, the wide array of careers in the agriculture system. Students will discover the types of jobs involved with food production and distribution, examine local sources of information regarding careers in the food system, and use the Internet to gather information about a career in an agricultural field.

The Nutrients for Life Foundation is an educational non-profit that provides information and resources to educators and the public about the vital role fertilizers play in feeding our world. All of their resources are free, science- based, user friendly and utilized by educators across the country. For additional information visit,


The 2014 Workshops, "Farming the Core -Part 2," were attended by over 350 educators statewide.

Highlights of the workshop included the distribution of the newly-updated Louisiana Agricultural Production Map with accompanying lesson plans. Lesson plans titled, "A Tough Nut to Crack" and Farm Babies" were also presented.  

2010 Workshops

The 2010 workshops were a success. Two brand new educational units were introduced at this year’s workshops. 

Water was the theme of one unit, covering the importance of water to life, water quality, water quantity and agricultural uses of water. The state’s equine industry provided the bases for the second unit. Horses have become a major industry in our state. The Explore Horses unit has lessons in math, social studies and English language arts.


In September and October of 2009, AITC workshops swept across the state. Two new educational units were introduced at the workshops. "The Farmer Grows a Rainbow" is a MyPyramid companion resource. MyPyramid is the food guide pyramid developed by the USDA. The goal of "The Farmer Grows a Rainbow" is to enhance MyPyramid lessons, integrate them with traditional academic subjects and emphasize the vital role played by the farmer in food production. This educational unit includes lessons for pre-kindergarten through fifth grade.  Each grade level has both a classroom and physical activity component. Lessons may be downloaded from

The second unit presented was based around Louisiana's precious commodity, crawfish.  The Louisiana Crawfish Promotion and Research Board developed a lesson unit that was distributed. Louisiana Farm Bureau developed a video to accompany the lessons.